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Andrea Nelson is Interviewed by 7500 Magazine, "Woman Warrior: Andrea Nelson"

"Her passionate and playful energy infuses the room the moment she walks in. Throughout her life her point of view is grounded by her complete recognition of her ferocious connection to her inner female warrior." This is just a short excerpt from the feature boldly titled, "Woman Warrior: Andrea Nelson", in 7500 Magazine's Arts & Culture section, and chronicles some of Nelson's past and present experiences. Touching on subjects such as her ski racing past, the Time's Up movement & #metoo, the risks of acting and some personal stories, this article has it all.

Writer Jessica Brewer quotes Nelson as saying,

“Racing is more about trusting yourself than it is about the physicality of it; it's about trusting the hill, and trusting what you've learned, because if you second guess yourself for a moment, you'll fall terribly. Acting feels like that same risk: it's existing as truthfully and honestly as you can in the moment and ignoring the possibility of the fall.”

Want to read more? Read the full article here:

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